A geometric sequence is shown below:(blank)a0, -11, 22, (blank)a1, 88, -176.A) What is the common ratio for this geometric sequence? (blank)a2B) What are the missing terms in the geometric sequence shown above?

Accepted Solution

Answer:i) -2ii)a0 = 5.5a1 = -44Step-by-step explanation:i)Given a geometric sequence, the common ratio is the ratio between any two adjacent values. In our case we have the following geometric sequence;a0, -11, 22, a1, 88, -176To find the common ratio we can simply divide 22 by -11 or divide -176 by 88;common ratio = 22/(-11) = -2ii)To find a0, we use the common ratio;(-11)/a0 = -2a0 = (-11)/(-2) a0 = 5.5We do the same for a1;88/a1 = -2a1 = 88/(-2)a1 = -44